For over 35 years

Pacific Group and its affiliates have been leaders in master planning, development, and construction of more than 2,000 of the finest commercial, industrial, residential, and resort properties; together constituting more than 26,000 acres and millions of square feet of building space.

Acting as Developer and previously General Contractor, Pacific Group has the experience and knowledge needed to add enterprise value and maximize the user experience through the combination of meticulous master planning and operational execution. Working with a team of “best-in-class” professionals Pacific Group identifies opportunities to add value through design, construction, marketing, and operations, leveraging the collective experience of an unparalleled group of experts. This detail-oriented approach has allowed Pacific Group to successfully take on a diverse range of projects and ensures the completion of projects that live up to and often exceed their original projected potential.

Our Philosophy

As seasoned developers, Pacific Group understands that we have the opportunity and the duty to build spaces that will ultimately benefit the people and communities who use them into the future. Environmental and human responsibility are key to the way that we choose to develop, and we believe we have a significant opportunity to positively impact the communities we build in, and to be responsible stewards to local environments. Pacific Group achieves this with thorough and meticulous due diligence at the outset of any project, and ensuring it meets uncompromising standards throughout duration and completion. All relevant interests are considered when planning each project to ensure that it best meets the needs of those who will be impacted by it. Our goal is to develop and build projects that will provide opportunities and a high quality of life for clients and future generations.